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Buddha at the Gas Pump Podcast

with Kimberley and host Rick Archer

Available March 9th, 2024 
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Kimberley shares the “clear light” experience that launched her onto the path of Indo-Tibetan study, reveals a sure way to know whether a “realization” is one of an Ultimate nature, and assures listeners that anomalous or extraordinary experiences are more common than we think.  

Spirit Matters Podcast

with Kimberley and host Philip Goldberg

Available March 16th, 2024
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Kimberley discusses the journey from Lamahood to Mommahood. From early childhood experiences of the Divine to becoming a hardcore practitioner as an adult, Kimberley shares the unfolding experience of her evolution. And the epiphany that the next realization wasn’t going to happen in another long retreat but in the kitchen flipping pancakes for her loved ones. 

IEC Global Integral Conference

Kimberley Lafferty & Haley Dawn Roth share the stage with Gabor Mate, Ken Wilbur, Terri O’Fallon, Dr. Robert Keagan and many more. 

Join us for an incredible retreat in Budapest
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May 24th-28th, 2023

WAKE TO GROW weaves Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra meditation & constructive development theories to explore a new convergence of spiritual awakening & developmental growth. Kimberley and Haley will offer an interactive “mini-retreat” that will experientially explore:

  • What is our true nature?
  • What can we discover about the ultimate nature of reality by applying developmental wisdom ?
  • What traditions & tools, both ancient & modern, eastern & western, enhance our psychological & spiritual capacity as we age?

Through embodied practice, meditative exploration & group discussion, they will offer a unique practice framework that aligns the deep truths of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom & the insights in ego development research. Encouraging participants to engage with the most effective developmental models of relative reality in order to perceive their own ultimate reality.

Referencing Wilber’s Fourth Turning (2014), Kegan’s CDT (1983) and O’Fallon’s Stages (2020). 

Aliens & Artists Podcast

with Kimberley and host Stuart Davis 

Do not miss this EPIC exploration of the anomalous.
Listen to part one here. 

According to Stuart: “We explore building relationships with Fae, Celestials, Galactics, and other non-human entities, as well as meeting your unborn child and encountering rainbow-bodied animals. This is a fascinating deep-dive into the esoteric spiritual traditions and their intersection with human / non-human contact, and She knows that of which She speaks. To quote Kimberley’s own journal ‘The final fucking take away is that we are not alone.’”