Kimberley offers adult development, psychological shadow, spiritual practice, and anomalous, extraordinary experiences.

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Vajrayana Collective Q+A informational meetup.

November 16 4pm-5pm PST, via Zoom
Email to register and for a zoom link.

Vajrayana Collective: 2023 start

Vajrayana Collective is an exclusive multi-year community of learning, practice and support in the Indo- Tibetan Buddhist Anuttarayoga tantra lineage. Our purpose is together to accelerate our own awakening. As a supportive community, we will use ancient, esoteric techniques from a solid lineage designed to address the meta-crisis in which our world finds itself. We also will use modern, psychological, neurological and biological wisdom for health, grounding and integration.

  • Monthly weekend Zoom Retreats 8 times a year
  • Residential Group Retreat 9-day empowerments once a year.
  • Private Online exclusive community of support

Vajrayana Collective is open to new students and past Vajrayana students, by application and a 20 minutes free interview with Kimberley .

To apply and for more details, email

* Anuttarayoga means “highest yoga” which is the accelerated path of enlightenment, in the direct lineage of Niguma, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Nagarjuna, Je Tsong Kapa, Pabonkga Rinpoche, Triijong Rinpoche, and Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Tharchin.

Phase 1: Path to Bliss, a Tantric Lam Rim

Main Texts: Delam, Je Tsong Kapas Path to Bliss, a Tantric Lam Rim (Accelerated Steps on the Path to Enlightenment)

Lam means steps, or realizations. We will take a year to survey the entire Buddhist open, or Sutra path, yet from a mature, modern perspective that Vajrayana, or the Diamond Vehicle brings.

Phase 2A: Vajrayana Yamantaka Empowerment, Vajrayana in Theory and Practice

-Yamantaka residential Empowerment, global location to be announced later

– Diamond Way Commitments

– Overview of Tantric Path

Phase 2B: Vajrayogini Empowerment & Creation Stage Practice

– Vajrayogini residential Empowerment, global location to be announced

– Overview of Vajrayogini’s 11 Yogas

– Overview of Vajrayogini’s Sadhana

– Vajrayogini Sadhana Retreat

– Creation Stage Practice

– Tantric Mahamudra

Phase 3 A: Solitary Retreat Training and Dzok Rim: Completion Stage Practice

Lerung residential Retreat Training, place to be announced

– Tantric Mahamudra

– Completion Stage Overview

– Completion Stage Deep Dive

Phase 3 B: The Mandala & The Meta-Crisis

– Integration retreat

– Becoming Meta Aware

– Living while Meta Aware

Find out more or Join the Q+A zoom call on Nov 16th.