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Kimberley offers adult development, psychological shadow, spiritual practice, and anomalous, extraordinary experiences.

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WAKE TO GROW weaves Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra meditation & constructive development theories to explore a new convergence of spiritual awakening & developmental growth, referencing Wilber’s Fourth Turning (2014), Kegan’s CDT (1983) and O’Fallon’s Stages (2020).

We have designed a deep, interactive, playful “mini-retreat” that will experientially explore:

  • What is our true nature?
  • What can we discover about the ultimate nature of reality by applying developmental wisdom ?
  • What traditions & tools, both ancient & modern, eastern & western, enhance our psychological & spiritual capacity as we age?

Through a combination of embodied practice, meditative exploration, & group discussion, we will offer a unique practice framework that aligns the deep truths of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition & the insights in ego development research. Our aim is to guide participants to engage with the most effective developmental models of relative reality in order to perceive their own ultimate reality.



Evolution of Shadow on the Path. Online course

with Kimberley Lafferty

Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Waking Up

Psychological shadow is a phenomenon no human can escape, even the most advanced practitioners. A spiritual aspirant or teacher who does not have a functioning shadow practice will eventually crash, hard. Shadow is a hidden part of our awareness where the most potent aspects of our human selves hide. Shadow hides both our brightest light and gifts, and our dark pain. Because it is hidden, it is tricky to find. This course will offer a pioneering approach integrating ancient wisdom techniques with modern psychological science to lovingly find, work with and heal the wounded internal parts of ourselves.

We will also explore how shadow generally arises along the evolutionary path of human growth and awakening. Come balance your waking up practices with cleaning up and growing up practices: in safe, confidential, small-group space.





Spiritual Teachers and Shadow: Individual and Collective. With The Association for Spiritual Integrity

Topic: ASI Community Gathering — Spiritual Teachers and Shadow: Individual and Collective
Date: Monday 6th March, 2023
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Pacific Time Zone
Cost: Free – donations are gratefully accepted (buttons are below)

Come to our next community gathering where we will explore the topic of psychological shadow. We will talk about and share how both constructive and destructive shadows may appear in ourselves, our Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Community. We will learn more about the three types of shadow: projection, introjects, and split ego states. We will share proven tools that address and heal our own spiritual shadows, both golden and dark, and leave with new insights and understandings that can help both ourselves and others.

Facilitated by: Kimberley Lafferty, ASI Board Member

Register here.

The Association for Spiritual Integrity℠ (ASI), a 501(c)(3) charity, was founded in 2018 by Craig Holliday, Jac O’Keeffe and Rick Archer with input from many valuable friends, peers and students along the way. The ASI arose out of a deep need to address the numerous scandals and confusion involving spiritual teachers, their students and communities, over the years. The ASI aims to deepen the conversation and become an evolving force in education so that there is greater integrity and professionalism within the modern spiritual landscape.


Vajrayana Collective Q+A informational meetup.

November 16 4pm-5pm PST, via Zoom
Email to register and for a zoom link.

Vajrayana Collective: 2023 start

Vajrayana Collective is an exclusive multi-year community of learning, practice and support in the Indo- Tibetan Buddhist Anuttarayoga tantra lineage. Our purpose is together to accelerate our own awakening. As a supportive community, we will use ancient, esoteric techniques from a solid lineage designed to address the meta-crisis in which our world finds itself. We also will use modern, psychological, neurological and biological wisdom for health, grounding and integration.

  • Monthly weekend Zoom Retreats 8 times a year
  • Residential Group Retreat 9-day empowerments once a year.
  • Private Online exclusive community of support

Vajrayana Collective is open to new students and past Vajrayana students, by application and a 20 minutes free interview with Kimberley .

To apply and for more details, email

* Anuttarayoga means “highest yoga” which is the accelerated path of enlightenment, in the direct lineage of Niguma, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Nagarjuna, Je Tsong Kapa, Pabonkga Rinpoche, Triijong Rinpoche, and Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Tharchin.

Phase 1: Path to Bliss, a Tantric Lam Rim

Main Texts: Delam, Je Tsong Kapas Path to Bliss, a Tantric Lam Rim (Accelerated Steps on the Path to Enlightenment)

Lam means steps, or realizations. We will take a year to survey the entire Buddhist open, or Sutra path, yet from a mature, modern perspective that Vajrayana, or the Diamond Vehicle brings.

Phase 2A: Vajrayana Yamantaka Empowerment, Vajrayana in Theory and Practice

-Yamantaka residential Empowerment, global location to be announced later

– Diamond Way Commitments

– Overview of Tantric Path

Phase 2B: Vajrayogini Empowerment & Creation Stage Practice

– Vajrayogini residential Empowerment, global location to be announced

– Overview of Vajrayogini’s 11 Yogas

– Overview of Vajrayogini’s Sadhana

– Vajrayogini Sadhana Retreat

– Creation Stage Practice

– Tantric Mahamudra

Phase 3 A: Solitary Retreat Training and Dzok Rim: Completion Stage Practice

Lerung residential Retreat Training, place to be announced

– Tantric Mahamudra

– Completion Stage Overview

– Completion Stage Deep Dive

Phase 3 B: The Mandala & The Meta-Crisis

– Integration retreat

– Becoming Meta Aware

– Living while Meta Aware

Find out more or Join the Q+A zoom call on Nov 16th.